Stop Smoking With Chantix

However, nothing is impossible. If you have a strong desire and willpower, you can stop smoking and save yourself from getting into serious health problems. You can also take different medication that would help you to stop smoking. If you browse the Internet, you will find many drugs that can cure your smoking problem. One of the most effective and recommended drug is Chantix.

It is the best alternative drug to nicotine-based gums and other nicotine products that smokers can take to stop smoking. Chantix has an advantage over these nicotine products because these products may help you stop smoking, but you would still be addicted to nicotine intake. If this addiction persists, you may eventually take up smoking again. But with Chantix, you can stop smoking permanently.


Chantix is an effective drug that helps you stop smoking. This drug functions differently from other drugs. Chantix stimulates the brain and releases doses of dopamine in small quantity. These doses block the nicotine receptors in your brain and alleviate the symptoms of nicotine detachment. As a result, even when you give into the temptation to smoke you won?t have that feel-good factor as you had before.

Though, it is one of the new drugs that help you to stop smoking, it is the best alternative to anti-depressants. If you don’t like taking anti-depressants, you can opt for the safer and better option that is chantix.

One of the best features of chantix is that it restricts your weight gain when you stop smoking. You tend to gain weight when you stop smoking, but with chantix, you need not have to face this problem.

You must take a chantix pill once a day for first twelve weeks and then gradually increase it to two pills per day. To avoid any risk of side effects it is essential that you gradually increase your intake of the chantix pill. Some of the side effects associated with its intake include vomiting, sleeplessness, nausea etc.

The main crux of this drug is that it reduces the fun factor that your brain associates with smoking. As the fun is reduced, the desire to smoke also drops and ultimately you stop smoking completely.