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HTC Batteries

Many HTC owners buy a additional HTC battery or HTC extended battery for two reasons:

  • If your existing battery runs out you can swap the batteries and carry on uninterrupted
  • You don't need to carry around a charger and cable.
  • OK there's one more... with an extended battery you don't need either of the above.

We're so confident you'll like our range of HTC batteries we offer a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Shipping on orders over $50 and toll free support!

So what kinds of HTC batteries can you get? Find out more

Standard Batteries

As well as the standard battery you'll find a variety of compatible HTC batteries from 3rd party manufacturers, of which Siedio batteries are probably the best known, that are the same physical size as the original HTC battery but have a higher capacity.   Typically the highest capacity standard battery provides 40% more power and thus longer standby and talk time than the original battery supplied with your HTC.

If you are a high usage owner we recommend an extended battery or high capacity battery when available for your HTC.

HTC Extended Batteries

Extended batteries are extended for two reasons. Extended batteries have substantially higher capacity, 100% higher capacity in some cases, than the standard battery delivered with your HTC;  They require an extended battery cover as they are simply larger than the stock batteries.  Most of high capacity HTC batteries include with the required cover.

It's clear the trade off for extended batteries is longevity between charges versus additional size and weight.

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