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HTC Droid Incredible Cases

Looking for the best cases or covers for your HTC Droid Incredible? HTC Haven offers a wide selection of HTC Droid Incredible cases and covers in many colors and styles. Cases are an essential way to protect your HTC Droid Incredible from scratches, dents and occasional impacts. So whether you choose a colorful skin case or work ready leather case you'll be protecting your HTC Droid Incredible for a fraction of the replacement cost. Start protecting your HTC Droid Incredible with a cover today!

We're so confident you'll like our range of HTC Droid Incredible cases that we offer a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Shipping on orders over $50 and toll free support!

So what kinds of HTC Droid Incredible cases can you get? Find out more

A Mini-Guide to Droid Incredible Cases

Droid Incredible Holsters

This is the most popular style of HTC Droid Incredible case.   The Droid Incredible holster (sometimes called a clip case) is typically a formed piece of plastic that grips the Droid Incredible at its four corners, it has a belt clip and latch with which to release the Droid Incredible.  In most cases the Droid Incredible is reversible within the case meaning you can store your Droid Incredible either screen in (and protected) or screen out (so you can use it 'in-case' as it were).  If the screen is 'in' then it cannot be used whilst in-situ.   Removal is usually a simple matter of depressing the clip to release the phone.

We think it's popular for it's simplicity, ease of use and generally low bulk and weight over head.

Hard Droid Incredible Cases

These offer good protection for your HTC Droid Incredible but can be more bulky than skin cases.  Hard cases come in a variety of materials including leather, metal and plastic. Most do not provide protection for the HTC Droid Incredible screen but do come with belt loop or clips some of which are removeable.  Thus you can use the HTC Droid Incredible in-situ.

Droid Incredible Skin Cases

Usually made of silicone the Droid Incredible Skin Cases are popular because they provide additional grip and reasonable protection for reduced bulkiness and typically lower cost than hard cases.  A minor caveat is that it makes it harder to retrieve the Droid Incredible from a pocket or purse because the silicone sticks to many surfaces.  The silicone material can become discoloured in time and only high quality skin cases fit perfectly.

Recently, improved manufacturing and better materials have led to some very slim skin case designs that add very little bulk to the HTC Droid Incredible.

Like the hard case above, the skin case can remain in place whilst operating the Droid Incredible but unlike the hard case most do not have belt loops or clips.

Droid Incredible Pouches

Droid Incredible Pouches come in three flavours: side pouches, top pouches and pocket pouches. They typically cover the entire HTC Droid Incredible including the screen and are usually made of leather, plastic or silicon.  Therefore Droid Incredible pouches offer the most complete protection available. As their name suggests they keep the HTC Droid Incredible safe in a variety of orientations.  In nearly all cases the Droid Incredible must be removed from the pouch before use.

Pouches usually come with belt loops or clips.  This coupled with more sturdy or rugged construction add to the total bulk.

Body Skins

A Droid Incredible body skin is the next generation of skin case and takes the form of a formed film that comes in several pieces that you apply to the designated areas of your HTC Droid Incredible. Most have a screen protection component.  All can remain on whilst the HTC Droid Incredible is being used.  The offer scratch resistance and enhanced grip but do little for physical protection.  They are the least bulky of all HTC Droid Incredible cases.

Flip-Lid Droid Incredible Cases

Flip-lid cases are the hinged syblings of hard and pouch cases that enable you to use the HTC Droid Incredible whilst in the case by flipping the protective screen flap either up like a Star Trek communicator or across like a book.  They are usually bulkier and more expensive than their parents but offer convienience in exchange.

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